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Legal Services in Paramus, New Jersey


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Protect your future with dependable legal services from The Law Office of Louis J Lamatina in Paramus, New Jersey. Our skilled attorneys work closely with you to protect your rights. When you are seeking a settlement of your case, detailed preparation is key, which is why our firm takes the time to collect and prepare the details for each case.


While our law firm recognizes that an amicable settlement of family law disputes is in our clients’ best interests, we have a wealth of litigation experience and are prepared to aggressively litigate any matter in court should settlement not become a reality.
We handle all types of litigation and transactional work, including:

  • Commercial   • Personal Injury   • Product Liability   • Real Estate    • Purchase & Sale of Businesses

Financial Aspects

Emotionally speaking, divorce can be a painful process. Whereas you once thought you had a love to last a lifetime, you now realize this is no longer the case. However, if the matters of the heart seem complicated, they are nothing in comparison with the fiscal aspects involved with the legal dissolution of a marriage.


A pension plan is a tax-deferred savings plan. Typically, during years of employment, monetary contributions are made by the employee and/or by the employer to a retirement plan.

The generated contributions and earnings accumulate over time and remain tax-free until retirement. Upon retirement, the employee will receive a specific monthly income for life or a lump sum payment.