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Get compassionate support for family issues. The Law Office of Louis J Lamatina in Paramus, New Jersey, specializes in all aspects of family law. Our flexible and dynamic firm provides you with trusted assistance during the often emotionally
difficult process of divorce.

Matrimonial Law

The experienced divorce attorneys at our law firm specialize in representing clients in a wide array of matrimonial matters. We provide personalized assistance in the following areas:
• Divorce  • Property Division  • Support  • Post-Divorce Issues  • Separation  • Child Custody/Parenting Time

Children & Divorce

Presently, the divorce rate is increasing at an astounding rate. Close to 50% of children are growing up in a single-parent environment. Children need their parents in order for them to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. If the bond between the parent and the child is broken, negative consequences can result and be traumatic for a child.

A child is easily the most vulnerable person involved throughout the emotional side of divorce. Although the prospect might sometimes be tempting, a parent should never ever use the child as a bargaining tool during the sometimes-difficult negotiations.

Divorce will never end the legal obligation for support. Each parent, although the bond of marriage has been broken, retains a legal responsibility to provide adequate support until the child reaches the age of emancipation.

Spousal Support

In the past, the wife was usually the recipient, but the courts no longer view gender as a consideration. In most states, marital conduct is also not a consideration. It is purely a decision made due to the economic consequences of each spouse.